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Yellow Dragon Jug 1925

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Clem Ainslie - Harvey School - Dragon Jug 1925

Clem Ainslie – Harvey School – Dragon Jug 1925

Low Dragon Jug

Pinch built with globular body, on four small feet.

Modelled with a dragon head protruding off the back rim, its snout forming the thumb-piece, and tongue continuing down the handle, the rim and foot framed by strapwork.

Signed & dated 1925

Size: 11cm high

Item #10

“This jug was  always used for the custard….”

These ‘Dragon Jugs’ are fantastically expressive, the dragon being extremely cheeky with lolling tongue and wide-open eyes. Interestingly, the only comparable example is one made by Harvey himself for use in his own home, ‘Milo’. This was also made in 1925, and is the obvious source for Clem’s own humorous creation, She also made hers for use at home: the yellow toned jug was used anytime there was custard on the table, while the similar green jug was a favourite conversation piece when visitors were served water from it.


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