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Cheese pot with butterflies/moths circa 1923

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Clem Ainslie - Harvey School - Cheese Pot c.1923

Clem Ainslie – Harvey School – Cheese Pot c.1923

Cheese Pot with butterflies

Slab built, with four short feet.

Decorated with a frieze of butterflies, left in relief on a stippled ground, glazed in a mottled green.

Signed, but not dated, circa 1923.

Size: 10.5cm wide

Item #11

“Dad liked cheese on toast, and mum made this the exact same size as the cheese tin, so it could be placed on the table out of sight….”

This small pot bears an interesting story: while it is identical to the honey pot Clem made in 1923 as exercise 2 (item #6, pXX), her daughter remembers a much more specialised reason for its creation: to hide the unsightly tin of cheese her father was fond of!

A similar pot by Clem Ainslie is part of the collection donated to the Griffith University by Timothy Roberts.


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