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The Lions-head Fruitbowl 1927

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Clem Ainslie -Harvey School - The Lions-head Fruitbowl 1927

Clem Ainslie -Harvey School – The Lions-head Fruitbowl 1927

The Lions-head Fruitbowl

Straight-sided vessel on four squared feet, the rim shaped to accommodate the decoration.

Applied with two low relief fruiting vine  motifs flanked by the extraordinary lions head prontomes within squared spiral brackets, the foot beneath supporting a branching fish-tail that curves back up as a handle.

Signed & dated 1927

Size: 23cm wide

Item #32


The form & decoration brings to mind Continental metal forms of circa 1910, for example silverplate fruit bowls from WMF. It is obviously influenced by Harvey’s ‘neo-Renaissance’ style, and bears the classic Harvey-School feature of fruiting vine, but the overall composition is a mixture of many influences. Clem’s own style can be seen in the faces of the lions: while one is somewhat fierce, the other is laughing!


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