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Gumleaf Jardiniere, 1936

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Pinch-built oval body with four short feet and twin handles.

Decorated with a profusion of lifesize gumleaves, gumnuts, gum branch handles, and two green beetles to one side, a blue one to the other.

Signed & dated 1936

Size: 29cm wide

Item #33


“This was used for flowers, it had a flower-holder insert in it. It sat on the floor under the china cabinet……. often with just gum-leaves or with flowers in it……..”


This piece is very close to the 1935 example by Sarah Bott illustrated p21 in the 1983 L.J.Harvey & his school book. The gum leaves were a popular motif for students, and Clem made many of these pieces for friends & as items to sell. It’s a classic piece of Australiana with plenty of ‘rustic’ detail.

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