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The Crane Vase, 1924

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Clem Ainslie, Harvey School - The Crane Vase 1924

Clem Ainslie, Harvey School – The Crane Vase 1924

The Crane Vase

Pinch-built vase with tall neck and angular shoulder, with two large crane heads well sculpted in high relief as the handles, a single feather stretching down either side, standing on four squared feet.

Glazed in green, with blue highlights to the breast feathers and the head.

Signed & dated 1924

Size: 27cm high

Item # 23

“This was always used for Christmas Lillies, as it was such a heavy piece and was practical for their long stems. I can also remember a friend bringing a large bunch of peacock feathers and giving them to Mum, telling her ‘These are for the Peacock  Vase’……”

This remarkable vase shows the complex designs Clem was capable of. It is apparently a unique creation, although the jardiniere by Florence Bland c.1924, illustrated in the 1983 Queensland Art Gallery book on Harvey (p19) has a similar birds-head motif. The same date for these two pieces  suggests a common origin for the concept; Clem’s creation is perhaps the more pleasing, striking a balance between vessel form and decoration.


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